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That Ain't Me By - LIL' WAYNE

(feat. Jay Sean)

[Lil Wayne:]
cut the music up please
yeah I should never leave hip hop
controlled by my two hands they go tick toc
around the clock, yes it’s my time, my throne
better know the time of day in any fucking time zone
I’m feeling like I’m on top of the rhinestone
pull in the ladder from heaven about to climb home
mental thoughts are sharper than a pine cone
in this world of numbers I keep my nine on
and I don’t go to church because the line long
and the preacher he be getting his shine on
but I know my Lord I am God’s own
back to my hands, tick tick a time bomb

[Jay Sean - Chorus:]
Yeah, don’t you know I’ll be (I’ll be)
Yeah, don’t you know I’ll be (I’ll be)
I’ll be here cause I won’t quit yeah
you can try lock me up
you can try to break me down
but I stay strong
It’s my throne
cant stop now cause that aint me
you can try lock me up
you can try to break me down
but I stay strong
It’s my throne
cant stop now cause that aint me

[Lil Wayne:]
Try to stay afloat on my inner tube
when they turn my city into a swimming pool
before that, it was a living cesspool
we got get on our shit like nats do
police’s be on my tip like hats do
but I just stay strong like blacks do
never saved by the bell in a black school
and I stay in trouble like Zack do
and in this game nobody’s on my plateau
therefore my name remains like a tattoo
yes I take giant steps in Shaq boots
B-I-R-D man junior or Weezy F Baby


[Jay Sean - Bridge:]
that aint me
See I won’t stop, that aint me
I wont quit, that aint me
no I wont stop, that aint me
cause that aint me

[Lil Wayne:]
Alright, I’m in their conversations
the titles up for grabs I’m into confiscation
punch, shot or stab now your the doctors patient
wild like an Arab from the Islamic nation
I get money round the clock, aint got no time for hating
and these niggas aint shit like their constipating
I get the coupe with the kit
watch me lobster red it
drop the top at the light thats when I be heading
so far ahead of them I feel outdated
but I feel electric like I’m Raiden
used to play Mortal Kombat when I was a couch potato
now I’m coming out with faders, no homo


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