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Gonorrhea By - LIL' WAYNE

(feat. Drake)

[Lil Wayne:]
sound like my mic is right
I am not a human
shout to all my moon men
yeah they call me tune
got them bitches tuned in
its a crazy world so I stay in mine
and niggas don’t cross the line
niggas stay in line
like welfare I stay elsewhere
hotter than a devil, nigga hell yeah
roc-a-bye baby, homocide baby
thats more tear drops call me cry baby
what you talkin’ bout tell it to my nine
cut your tongue out, mail it to your moms
I’m a young God, swagga un-flawed
bitch Im in the building, you in the front yard
lifes a bitch knob, better yet a dumb broad
and I bet I can fuck the World and make it cum hard
yeah you boys is washed up
and I’m shittin on em like two girls and one cup
weezy baby aka bring the money home
pull out the AK and pop ya in ya funny bone
laugh now die later muthafucker
you’s a bitch like zeta phi beta muthafucker

Yeah, I call it how I see ya
I wish I never met ya, i wouldn’t wanna be ya
pussy ass nigga I don’t wnat your gonorrhea
pussy ass nigga I don’t wnat your gonorrhea
Yeah, I call it how I see ya
I wish I never met ya, i wouldn’t wanna be ya
pussy ass nigga I don’t wnat your gonorrhea
pussy ass nigga I don’t wnat your gonorrhea

[Lil Wayne:]
Man I’m so tired of ballin I sleep a lot now
I’ll let my goons rush ya like Moscow
gun at ya eyebrow pow pow
man I ball hard even with 5 fouls
yeah we in this bitch like tampon’s
dump ya in the woods now get ya camp on
choke hold around this shit cause I’m so hands on
I get high as fuck and Polo sheets is what I lands on
back against the wall and my two feet is what I stand on
diva in the room she blowin me just like a band horn
got her on her knees the same knees that she be prayin’ on
now she just text her girlfriend with a capital, You can join
yeah, what y’all wanna do I’m all ears
smoking on that head band call that shit Paul Pierce
I’m just so ahead of my time like dog years
ball like Solange, India Arie, Britney Spears


I aaaaaam, spending much more than I’m making on these cars and these vacations
is that too much information?
I just bought a Lamborghini, Im not even into racing
with a windshield full of tickets cuz I live right by the station
I aaaaam, tryna figure out why you so mad at me
yes I’m with Young Money tell the magazine stop asking me
I be with the dread with the tattoo’s on his head
and a flag the colour red like a fucking low battery (ok)
nigga peep the shit I’m wylin’ on
I be with your baby momma you be with your child at home
Big Mo, Big Red, two cups made of styrofoam
big cheese big bread call that shit a calzone
I will break your fucking collar bone
us against the World better pick which fucking side you on
Wayne got a Bugatti that he steady putting mileage on
and we about to kill em C4 Mr Carters home.

[Lil Wayne:]
Yeah, I call it how I see ya
I wish I never met ya, I wouldn’t wanna be ya
we some asshole niggas call us diarrhea
the money keep growing yep
its gorwing like a chea
yeah, I call it how I see it
y’all some pussy ass niggas we should call ya gonorrhea
uh, you keep talkin’ that shit I’mma see ya
kill ya senorita and and fuck ya mama mia!

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